The Immigrant
                           into Canada these days does not have to come completely uninformed about his/her new environment I would say that to be an understatement. It is almost impossible not to be reasonably well informed about the new country
The following links will provide an incredible wealth of information:

The Official Site, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada:
And of course the Ontario Site:w
PalliserGroup     international
Desperate Need for Skilled professionals
One of the All Canadian sources for the transportation business in Canada is Highway Star
Which will then also further refer you to sources of information as Ontario Trucking Associaton
A Word of Caution

Before anyone contemplating a big step like emigrating , actually takes the plunge you should piece together all the information you can get and read it with the eyes and mind of a sceptic.
It is easy to get carried away, the grass often looks so much greener , especially when you're fed up with your boss or the government. Canada is still a land of opportunities, but overzealous government regulations have already given us an awful lot of red tape and the fear of litigation given rise to some real ridiculous legislation.

Check also the page with our own personal experiences since emigrating to Canada in 1982
The official sites have a reason to give a wealth of information: Canada needs skilled labour, trained professionals in all sorts of fields, preferably with a few years of experience.
There are still a few hurdles to be cleared before everything is the way it should be, but we think that the dire truth is slowly beginning to sink in : For starters, if Ontario does not in very short order manages to attract more trucking professionals, there will be some serious logistical problems that could jeopardize supply lines to the major centres. Most of the truckers in Ontario are in their fifties and older.

our own personal experiences
since emigrating to Canada in 1982 Check here 
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As we said before: we learned the hard way and want to help other people  avoid making the same mistakes
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