We realize and accept

that we do not find certainty in what we confess
but in wonderment about what befalls us and is given to us

that we do not find our destiny in indifference and greed
but in alertness and connectedness with all that lives

that our existence is not defined by who we are and what we have
but by what is infinitely bigger than what we can grasp

Led by this awareness, we believe in God's Spirit
which surpasses all that separates people
and moves them to all that is sacred and good
that they, singing and silently,
praying and acting,
honour God and serve

We believe in Jesus, a man filled with the Spirit
the face of God that observes and disquiets
He loved people and was crucified
but lives past his own death and ours
He is a sacred example of wisdom and courage
who brings close Gods eternal love

We believe in God, the eternal one
who is unfathomable love, the ground of our being
who shows us the way to freedom and justice
and beckons to a future of peace

We believe that we ourselves
as feeble and fallible as we are
are called to be church
with all who believe
in the sign of hope.

Because we believe in the future of God and creation,
in a Godly patience that gives time
to live and to die and to rise,
in the kingdom that is and will come,
where God will be forever everything in everything
and all

To God be the glory and honour
in time and eternity
Statement of Faith