The Future of Food
It's not nearly as beneficial as some like you to believe
It is the big advantage of the age we live in that many, many people have access to information that only a few years ago was only available to a select group. Sad to say that the news is often not very optimistic and it appears largely dominated and determined by the economic aspect of reality, thereby reducing all of reality to its least attractive aspect.
One comment on the video in which the film maker explains the movie, she does not mention the fact that Roundup resistant crops do take in the pesticide that does not kill them so it ends up on the table of the consumer., with all the dire sonsequences, most of which are as of yet, largely unknown
This is the first video in a series of three : India, Senegal, Cuba.
A BBC special and a fascinating adventure into a land of many unknown and the knowns are not very comforting