The science "skeptics" are at it again, attacking the credibility of celebrities who they say demonstrate astonishing levels of scientific illiteracy. Barack Obama, Oprah, Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Kate Moss and Julianne Moore have all been labeled scientifically illiterate by the UK non-profit Sense About Science, about which you'll learn more  below.

What, exactly, did these celebrities say that earned them the distinction of being labeled scientifically illiterate?

Julianne Moore warned people about using personal care products containing toxic chemicals. But according to Sense About Science, apparently, there's no such thing as a dangerous chemical in personal care products because all the chemicals have been "rigorously tested" and approved !?!?

Tom Cruise was blasted yet again for describing modern psychiatry as committing "crimes against humanity." Sense About Science, on the other hand, believes it's no crime at all to dose six-month old infants with mind-altering psychotropic drugs that are linked to violent behavior. It's all scientifically supported, didn't you know?

President-elect Barack Obama made some comments during his pre-election campaigns that indicated he wanted to look into possible links between vaccines and autism. But these days, anyone who even questions the safety of vaccines is immediately labeled either a quack or scientifically illiterate by the conventional medical community, and Sense About Science is no exception: They believe vaccines are 100% safe and that the dramatic rise in autism that has closely tracked the rise in vaccinations is pure c o i n c i d e n c e.

Kate Moss and Demi Moore were attacked over the idea that superfood diets could somehow "detoxify" the body. Sense About Science believes there's no such thing as a "toxic" body, since all the chemicals people eat are safe to begin with. Thus, they claim there is no way to detoxify the blood or the body in the first place, and foods (or juices) are nutritionally inert, apparently.

How to get a grip on the idiocy of scientific skeptics
At this point, any intelligent person reading this must be scratching their heads, wondering what, exactly, do these Non-Sense About Science scientists actually believe? And to understand that, you have to get into the heads of  these
" Skeptical Scientists" (SS).

Skeptical Scientists hold some rather bizarre beliefs. Here are some of the more entertaining highlights:

• They believe that there's no such thing as a dangerous chemical in any food, medicine or personal care product.
All chemicals used in such products are totally harmless and have been rigorously tested for safety, they (falsely) claim. In other words, all the following chemicals are 100% safe: Aspartame, MSG, sodium nitrite, Bisphenol-A, chemical solvents, fragrance     chemicals, petrochemical derivatives, artificial coloring chemicals, chemical sweeteners and preservatives... these are all  perfectly safe according to the SS! Oh yeah, melamine, mercury and fluoride are all safe, too.

• At the same time, there are some things that are terribly, terribly dangerous to human health. Can you guess what they might              be? Vitamins, herbs, nutritional supplements and superfood powders. Anything made by a "health" company is                            automatically declared dangerous by the SS.

• But what about foods? Couldn't they be useful to human health? Nope: Foods are inert, according to the SS. There is no such                thing as any food, superfood or food supplement that has any positive effect whatsoever on the human body. It is                         biochemically impossible, say the Skeptical Scientists, for a food to be beneficial to human health. Food is good for                    nothing more than calories, and all calories are the same (eating refined white sugar is the same as eating a raw apple              , for example).

• In fact, the human body doesn't need food as much as it needs pharmaceuticals. Humans are born in a state of medication                    deficiency, the SS claim, and it can only be balanced by dripping fluoride into the water supply, or drugging children with              SSRIs, or putting people on statin drugs even when they're perfectly healthy. Pharmaceuticals are now one of the five                  basic food groups, didn't you know?

• While vitamins and supplements may kill you, chemotherapy is actually good for you, the SS believe. Yep: Those chemicals                  that make your hair fall out while you're vomiting yesterday's liquid dinner and wasting away are actually nutritious! And                don't you dare take any antioxidants while you're being treated with chemotherapy, because those antioxidants might                  be dangerous!

• According to the Skeptical Scientists, any health-related therapy that doesn't involve poisoning, slicing or drugging a patient is               automatic quackery. Chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, Rolfing and yoga are all nonsensical                               hogwashery, they claim. What patients really need is to be poisoned with drugs, irradiated, medicated, fed more hospital             food and sent home with fifteen different prescription drugs that are all perfectly safe when taken in combination, they                    claim.                   

• The human body cannot be "detoxified" with superfoods or juice diets, they insist, because there's nothing toxic in the human                body to begin with. All those drugs, medications, food additives and environmental chemicals lodged in peoples' hearts                and kidneys aren't actually bad for you, didn't you know? They're harmless according to the SS, and anybody who says               you need to "detoxify" your body is obviously running a scam.

Yes, indeed, the agents of quackery have taken over the Skeptical Science community. They've never met an FDA-approved pharmaceutical they didn't like, nor a natural health modality they didn't hate. They believe vaccines are perfectly safe, but feeding a child a multivitamin is dangerous. There are no toxic chemicals in anything other than vitamins, they say, and the only reason so many children are diseased today is because they don't yet have enough drugs in them!

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, October 9, 2008

FDA Claims "Food Supplement" Deaths; Hides Details from the Public
(OMNS, October 9, 2008) "Dietary supplements cause 600 'adverse events'", reported USA Today on 22 Sept, 2008. In an article that looks much like an official US Food and Drug Administration press release, it said that "Serious side effects from the use of food supplements resulted in 604 "adverse-event" reports - a list that includes at least five deaths - through the first six months that such accounts have been required by law." (1)

Good grief! Looks like all those supplement-popping health nuts really are nuts after all. Food supplements simply must be dangerous!

Or are they?

Later on in the article, far from the headline, USA Today conceded that "An adverse event can be anything from a concern that a supplement isn't working to a serious illness that follows consumption." And, FDA spokesman Michael Herndon admitted that of the five deaths and 85 hospitalizations reported, "Some of these deaths were likely due to underlying medical conditions."

FDA's method of gaining data is suspect at best and biased at worst. Their "Dietary Supplement Adverse Event Reporting" webpage,, states: "FDA would like to know when a product causes a problem even if you are unsure the product caused the problem or even if you do not visit a doctor or clinic." The measure of uncertainty involved in publicly soliciting adverse reports "even if you are unsure that the product caused the problem" is noteworthy.

But most significant of all is that FDA refused to disclose exactly which supplements allegedly were causing problems. Doesn't the public have a right to know? In the absence of FDA disclosure to the contrary, it is likely that the five or fewer deaths attributed to "food supplements" were in fact due to medicinal substances marketed as dietary supplements. FDA acknowledges this in a round-about way at their website (

It is hard to imagine that our provincial or federal government would take steps to ban healthfood, yet we are not too far removed from that step .
In the US  it is now officially prohibited to advertise, or label quite a number of nutritional supplements as having any kind of redeeming or beneficial qualities.The FDA does not allow food companies to tell the truth about the health benefits of natural products like healthy oils, except in rare circumstances when powerful food groups lobby the agency to approve some watered-down claim. The latter has fairly recently (2006) happened with Canola Oil. The heart healthy claim -- also found on oils such as phytosterols, omega-3s and olive oil -- is popular among nutraceutical companies because consumers are spending more on healthier foods. The U.S. Canola Oil Association petitioned to be able to make the claim in January in order to promote the benefits of canola oil.

It is now officially forbidden to have links in your website that refer to scientific tests about the value of your product.
Earlier this year, the FDA sent threatening letters to 29 cherry growers, warning them to remove all links to scientific literature describing the anti-inflammatory effects of phytonutrients found in cherries. Merely linking to such studies from a web page, the FDA warned, instantly transformed cherries into drugs requiring FDA approval. (Sic!!) The FDA believes that the dissemination of scientific information about the health benefits of fruits, vegetables and plants simply cannot be tolerated. Is this a crazy world or what? You can swindle people out of millions of dollars of retirement money and still get million dollar bonuses and bail-out money from the government, but as a cherry grower you are not allowed to tell people that there are scientific proofs that cherries are good for your health.!!

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), maybe  we should call it the Fraud and Drug Administration is the almighty government organisation that oversees the whole food and drug scene. In theory there is of course nothing wrong with our government making sure that  what we eat is safe, except it becomes a different story when members of such a body would have financial interest in whatever they oversee.
Which is of course exactly what has happened over the years with the FDA.
If on a panel to  judge the safety and effectiveness of heart stents, 6 members have ties to the manufacturers of those stents, it is hard to attach any serious value to the outcome of their research.

If you're a mob boss, one of your primary responsibilities is to shut off consumer access to alternate suppliers of your booze, or drugs, or whatever you're selling. The FDA, which operates like a mob boss for the pharmaceutical industry, is continuing to do exactly that. Their latest move? Ordering search engines like Yahoo and Google to stop linking to online pharmacy websites that sell prescriptions to patients.
The Follies of the Food and Drug Administration,
and why we should be forewarned