The PalliserGroup is an association of organically linked independent small businesses that have one common goal and are bound by one Statement of Purpose:

Enhancing the quality of Life in the Quinte

To that end we will start in 2009 the Palliser Gardens Organics, bringing to the Quinte the best strawberries you can possibly imagine : Cle des Champs, Saint Pierre, Saint Laurent, Chambly,. All strawberries high in antioxidants and polephenols, grown under optimum growing conditions, without pesticides..
We will fight to the end of our days the monstrosity that is destroying lives across the globe: Monsanto's Gen. Modified Food.
Better Living Responsibly
We are a part of this land, dedicated to the well being of this community, using our gifts and talents to further the quality of life in the Quinte .
We believe in competent, competitive, responsible and satisfying solutions..and have therefore reduced our carbon footprint and will
continue doing so in creating Nutrient dense food and make people aware of the health consequences of low grade supermarket food..
Your long term "season of content" is  our prime  "raison d'etre"
Quinte Region Eastern Ontario
Contact :  613-967-8452                                                              
   or          613-885-3500/3501
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Everything you want to know about Strawberries
For a long and healthy life.
Yes Virginia, there is a better way !
Don't bother looking in the history books for what has killed the most  North- Americans.  Look instead at your dinner table.  There's an old saying:  "One fourth of what you eat keeps you alive. The other three-fourths keep your doctor alive." 
The killing goes on unabated !!
Prof. Walter Willett, M.D.: (Harvard)
." relation between saturated fat intake and risk of CHD was observed in the most informative prospective study to date."....

The Real Issue is not Organic or  not Organic, Bio-Dynamic or what have you....
The Real Issue is Nutrient Dense Food
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